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St. Mary's Junior National School, Rowlagh, Dublin 22

Week 2 Creative Schools - Sensory Garden plans have begun!

29th Apr 2021

Show 'n' Tell and Sensory Garden plans in motion

The school was a buzz with creativity this week as the children and teachers were busy with ‘Show and Tell’. Over the past week the children had a chance to interview an adult at home to find out about creativity in their homes and what creativity looks like for Mam’s, Dad’s, Grannys and Grandads alike. What a creative bunch – gardening, writing, knitting, baking, carpentry, cooking, painting and decorating to name but a few! Thanks to all parents who sent in photo’s to our school gmail account. The children had a chance to create for themselves and brought in their designs. Check out the school website for more pics! 

Pat our visiting Gardening and Biodiversity Specialist was back and spent some time cooking up some very exciting plans for our sensory garden. The architectural plans will be shared as soon as he completes them. Get your thinking caps on as we will be exploring all options for making our sensory garden a reality and need your help! 

Next week is a short week and teachers are asked to begin prepping a song/dance/poem or even a dramatic performance for our end-of-term Creative Schools celebration festival first week in June.